Each of us, no matter our background or origin, has a deep, vital, loving intelligence that seeks expression in the world. At the same time, our personalities are survival-oriented constructs formed early in life in response to our families and cultural environments. Our survival strategies are based on false assumptions about our own nature and the nature of the world.

In my work with individuals, couples, and families, my intention is to unmask the assumptions and strategies of the personality, and facilitate access to the loving wisdom that lies at the root of all human beings. This shift in perspective offers a radical re-orientation of our world view and behavior toward others and toward ourselves. It reveals our only true home, and the only place from which to have a true relationship with oneself, the world, or another person.

I employ many tools gathered over 27 years in the profession, as well as through my personal journey, which has included the exploration of poetry, literature, music, psychology, culture and politics, and the mystics of the world. All of these tools are selected and directed toward the goal of recognizing and living from our essential nature.


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